With over 15 years in the design and construction management industry, I am well versed in overseeing varied project scales, providing detailed design schemes, managing schedules and dealing with contractors. So please reach out if you are working on a home project and need some assistance or advice, no matter how big or small the scope. 

Should you need advise with decor or palette selection, guidance with sourcing furnishings or fittings, or looking for cost effective options, I am happy to give a little help or provide direction and a creative eye in the interior styling process also.  






It seems that these days not everyone will feel comfortable with in person meetings, however we are now thankfully able to work remotely, even in design. So no matter where you are, we can keep working together, and in the world of interior styling, online consultations are the ideal way to keep us moving.

Below is an outline of what this online service would look like.....of course every client and every project is different and therefore this can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

  • An introductory voice or video call, just to say hi and talk through what you hope to gain from our collaboration. I would like to learn about your taste and of course budget, timelines if necessary, and of course see what we are dealing with if possible. 
  • During this call we will review fees, which will be based on project size and approximate time spent. Should you have any questions about fees prior to setting up a consultation please contact us directly. 
  • Please send me over any additional visuals of the room or spaces that you would like to be decorated, and any dream ideas you have found, whether photos, cut outs or online links.
  • I will take a first shot at creating a style board, send it over for you to peruse and get your initial thoughts on. If applicable I can provide a room plan also, and sketches if it helps.
  • From this point we will reevaluate what you love or what needs to be altered......I have faith that you will love it.
  • Once we have a final design I will dig into final pricing and store locations, or provide a schedule if you would rather I manage the purchasing process. 
  • A shopping list will be crafted including links to all items if you decide to manage this yourself, otherwise a master schedule finalized.
  • If you decide to have myself manage the purchasing we will have check ins as needed and I will provide a daily status.
  • If not.....I will be available for consultations at anytime during the process.

Easy Peasy. 


***REACH OUT FOR A FREE INITIAL ONLINE CONSULTATION, no matter what the scope or size of the project.

Message on Instagram: @lesleylovehome